cyberFACED provides the tools and advice needed to protect your digital freedom. Our service helps people to protect their digital communications, actions and discussions from unwanted intrusions from malicious actors.

Ever wondered how a VPN works to keep your online activities hidden and secure? It’s simple!

A VPN hides your IP address by redirecting it through a special server. This way, your location and activities remain hidden when you browse the internet. Get #BrandnameVPN today to ensure maximum online security.


IPVanish offering unlimited device connections, which is both excellent for heavy users and higher than other premium VPN providers. IPVanish offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so users can run their own tests for one month before going all in. If you’re a Windows user, IPVanish may be right for you.

Private Internet Access (PIA)

PIA covers up to 10 simultaneous connections per account and utilizes standard AES 256-bit encryption to secure its users’ data. This, coupled with its affordable pricing, make Private Internet Access a strong VPN option.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield encrypts your connection and doesn’t log any data that could be tied to you, shielding your identity and info from hackers and cyber predators.


Surfshark is the ultimate online security and privacy solution. With Surfshark, you can browse the Internet safely and securely, without any worries about cyber threats or data breaches.

Proton VPN

Proton VPN is the world's leading virtual private network service provider, offering secure and anonymous browsing for all your devices.


ExpressVPN is the world’s leading virtual private network provider helping you stay safe and secure while browsing the internet. With ExpressVPN, you can browse the web with confidence knowing that your data is secure and encrypted.

Secure Your Email
We provide advice on encryption for email, helping you keep your messages secure and private. With our help, you'll be able to protect yourself against email interception and prevent unwanted access to your correspondence.
Protect Your Data
We provide tools to help you secure your data with encryption, protecting it from being accessed by anyone without authorization. Our service helps you take control of how your data is used, stored, and shared.
Stay Secure Online
We provide comprehensive guides on cyber security that help everyday people stay safe online. We'll show you how to practice good cyber hygiene, helping you protect yourself from malicious actors looking to exploit vulnerable users.

User Reviews

"I am so glad I found cyberFACED! I was looking for a reliable VPN service and felt overwhelmed with all the options available. cyberFACED helped me narrow down my choices and find the most suitable one for me. They also offer helpful recommendations on other VPNs that might better suit my needs. Overall, I'm very happy with their services and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a VPN!"

- John Nyongesa

"We were very concerned about the security of our company's communications. After consulting with the cyberFACED team, they helped us to develop a secure communication protocol that we now follow. The team was knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process and we are grateful for their expertise in keeping us safe from cyber threats. Thank you, cyberFACED!"

- Nicole Feichko

"cyberFACED is a must-have tool for anyone looking to protect their data from online threats. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful security tools, I can use different VPNs on my phone and computer with ease. It has given me a peace of mind knowing that my data is safe and secure. Highly recommend cyberFACED!"

- William Slonaker
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